Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our "Sweet Escape"

ALOHA! Our trip to Hawaii was so fun and perfect! I loved every second of being with Eric 24/7. I just couldn't wait to get away to this sweet escape.
We stayed on the island of Oahu. The house was right on the beach of the North Shore. Seriously...this was our backyard. Surfers, whales, turtles, crabs, lizards, and the tail of a gecko...we saw it all. The weather was beautiful the day we arrived, but the next three days were overcast. We didn't feel bad though because we were working all the days it was yucky. And then for the last day and a half it was beautiful again. What a coincidence!
This is the little cottage we stayed at. Thanks Wagners, we loved it! Turtle Cove, or Turtle Beach is just a few steps from the house. So amazing and beautiful. These huge beauties love to come and sun on the sand. I always loved turtles when I was little, and now I know why...I could lay on the beach all day and do nothing too!
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Why, you ask?

Eric needed to set up huge metal racks, then move 26 huge pallets from one warehouse to another, driving this beauty of a truck, which only held 6 pallets, to finally unload everything and organize it perfectly on the huge metal racks. That is why we went to Hawaii. I was so lucky to tag along.
I really did love watching Eric work. I mean I helped of course, but he is just so awesome! It reminded me of working in a warehouse together when we first met and started dating. He is such a hard worker and so dedicated and determined to get the job done. I love him.
This was our view back and forth until the last load was delivered. Hooray!
And this was the finished product! Edean, Bev, and Christine helped put inventory up. Cute, sweet ladies.
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The Dole Plantation

Yep,...I had no idea how a pineapple was grown. But I love them, and I will forever love and crave Dole Whips as long as I live. I promise. Almost every night driving back to the house we would stop and share a waffle cone, pineapple, soft serve ice cream. Soooo good!
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Two peas in a pod

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Six in the morning...

Honestly, it is not hard to wake up at 6am when this is where you will be. This is Wayameha Beach. Eric wanted to snorkel, so I came along to watch. A little too chilly for me. We did snorkel together at Shark Cove, and that was really awesome.
Aaaahhhh...our footprints in the sand. So romantic.
I love you too Eric!
Aaaaahhhh....our shadows in the sand. Hee hee.
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The Polinisian Cultural Center

Hey isn't He in a movie? I thought I heard him say, "You, pretty...Give me kiss kiss!"
We had a fun visit to Tonga. Eric was called up to be made a fool of. And he was a really funny and cute fool too. The drummer would drum and yell, and then Eric had to repeat everything the way he heard it. I was laughing so hard. Thanks honey for keeping me happy, and giving me nonstop entertainment!
And no...we did not return home tan. Our skin was whiter than it was when we left.
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Did it have to end?

I loved watching Eric search the sand for seashells. We came home with some beautiful one's. He's so cute!
I love this view! I mean the sunsets were indescribably gorgeous, but look at Eric...he is such a hottie! Oh,...his eyes look so awesome! And that little grin. I'm sure I must have grabbed him and kissed him right there. And if I didn't...I should have!
One of my favorite things about North Shore. This shaved ice has ice cream under it too! So sweet! And bitter sweet were the feelings we had about having to face the reality of going back home. But I am so thankful to Impact, and the Wagner family for such a fun opportunity. And so thankful to my parents and friends who watched our kids too. I loved every minute of being with Eric. He is so amazing. I love him so much.
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