Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Summer ~ 2010

Jake had a birthday while visiting us, (he is now a teenager :) and he got a rip stick! He and Uncle Bill were pretty awesome :)

Max celebrated his birthday too! We had sooooo many birthdays this Summer. We loved it!

We were so excited to have the Armstrong Family out to visit! Every day is full of fun and games when they are here. We miss them so much when they are gone :( We love you Armstrong's!!!

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It is great to be 8!

Beautiful Sarah was baptized while the Armstrongs were visiting :) We were excited to see her make such an important choice in her life. She is great example of following the Savior. We love you Sarah!

The Armstrong Family

Summer fun included water balloons too. Andy was very excited to play :) And Papa's garden grew awesomely this Summer. He was quite proud of his tomatoes.

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Six Flags ~ Summer 2010

Those sure are cute Patrick Grand kids :)

Chandler loves spending every minute with Jake. What great oldest cousins to have as examples in our family. We love you two awesome guys!

And ... The DIVAS!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

We had a couple birthdays over the summer :)

Grandma and Papa Patrick bought Eliza a new baby!

Papa and Eliza celebrate their birthdays on the same day! It was fun to party with so much family. Happy Birthdays to our two sweeties!

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Guess who turned three over the summer?


Our Niece, Lisa Nothum lived with us for a while over the summer, and she spoiled Eliza with an Easy Bake Oven :) Thanks Lisa.

Eliza you are such a joy to have in our family. You are so cuddly and sweet, and you make our family happier. You are such a great helper and friend to mommy when the kids are in school. We love you so much our little Liza Lou!

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Summer 2010 with the Armstrongs

Swimming at the Wilkins Pool :) Eliza you are so cute!

Eric...what are you up to?

Hayden and the boys worked hard perfecting their dives. Good job!

Aahhh...the spa feels good no matter what the weather.
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Summer 2010 with the Armstrongs!

Of course we visited the Jelly Belly Factory :)

And then we played a little Rock Band...

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Missouri - Wilkins Family Reunion 2010

Happy Fourth of July! Thanks to Linell and Brent for having us all over to enjoy the Willard Parade and fireworks. The kids love Missouri because you can just light a firework wherever you are standing :)

Our cute nieces were in the parade reminding everyone what is most important...home and family.

How blessed we are to enjoy the freedoms we have. I'm so thankful to live in the USA. We love all our family so much! Thanks for all the amazing memories Wilkins Family!!!

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Missouri 2010

Lizzie had a great idea to make a softball field in a lower field on the farm. So much fun! And my kids were actually awesome too! I don't think I had ever seen them play :)

Run Hayden, Run!

Eliza even got in on the action :)

Nice hit Chandler! Look out Robert!
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Hayden turns 9 in Missouri!

Thanks to Aunt Linell we decorated monster cupcakes! And guess who Hayden shares a birthday with?

Hayden you are such an awesome boy! We love you so much. You are so loving and thoughtful. You are a great student and so sweet. We are so thankful that your brothers and sisters have you to look up to :)

Happy Birthday Hayden and Porter!

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