Saturday, March 14, 2009

Family fun!

We all got new jammies for Valentines Day. Our kids are just too big,...why can't they just stay little?
We walked around the temple grounds after a Young Men's basketball game. We love to see the temple! I hope my children know how important the temple is. We are so thankful to be an eternal family :)
We should have stood in our Senior Prom pose,...that would have been awesome. Great job taking the picture Chandler!

This is Hannah's cute big girl bed. I'm so excited because it has a trundle bed underneath because the girls share a room. I can't wait to get the crib out of there. She got the Tinkerbell bedspread for her birthday. She wasn't too excited because she wanted a pink princess bed...what's a mother to do?
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hannah's Princess Party

The little princesses enjoyed pizza, cake, and ice cream. They all went on a jewel hunt, made beautiful wands, pinned the crown on the princess, and finally opened presents. It was really fun to have all the little girls here. They were little angels.

Hannah was really excited about her cake. It was very simple, but I think it turned out okay.

Thanks so much to Grandma who came and helped with the party. We couldn't have done it without her! Love you Mom.

And finally, the end of the night our little girl had crashed on the couch. Such a big day for such a little princess!
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Hannah's Princess Party

Hannah is 4! I can hardly believe that our first baby girl is so big. I remember the day she was born, and how excited I was to know we were having a girl. She is so much fun...a big headache...and a great big sister. We love you Hannah!

Don't be jealous of my artistic ability. Pin the crown on the princess was really cute. Thanks for the idea Rebecca!

There were 12 little princesses who came. They were all so cute! Hannah could not believe all the attention, let alone all the gifts. Thanks to everyone.
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