Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our Monterey / Carmel Getaway!

My parents were so sweet, and they watched our kids so that we could get away. We were only gone for a couple of days, but it was a much needed break. Here is the fireplace in our room,...so fancy :)
My little clam.
We visited the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was fun to look around without stressing out about where the kids were. And yet, we would find ourselves saying, "Oh, the kids would love this."
I loved eating out too. Thanks honey for such a nice break!
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More fun...

I love Eric so much! This vacation was so fun. I love getting one on one time together. He is so amazing.
And,... he is so funny,...but he can be serious sometimes.
These are George's Birds. He just wheels his cart out on the pier on a nice day, and he loves people to come hold his birds. This is Angel. She loves to cuddle,...we are best friends now.
We didn't eat at Bubba Gump's,...I don't care for seafood. But it was fun to see.
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The fun never ends...

My romantic husband drawing our names in the sand. I just love him.
My funny husband wrestling a seaweed snake. (guess who won?)
Me on a beach somewhere along the 13 mile drive,... the weather was beautiful, but so cold.
My hotty husband at the beach in Carmel. Gorgeous!!!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Merry Christmas ... finally.

In our home, for the 4th year now, we were able to spy on Santa! Really! Eric heard a noise downstairs, and we woke up the kids and sat at the top of the stairs. We watched as Santa brought in each child's stocking and gift. The kids can not believe it. They were so quiet this year. And we could not wait for Santa to leave so that we could run down and see the gifts.
Hannah in the background, and pretty little Liza girl got her first baby doll.
Dawson, funny man, wanted Martian Matter from Santa. It is pretty fun too.
Chandler, too grown up, (not obvious here) got a Lego Batman video game, and fun books to read.
We had a great day, and I'm going to have to post more in a week or so because there is just too much to tell about. I'll post later about mine and Eric's trip to the coast, and our New Years party. But be sure to keep scrolling down the blog because there is more fun to see.
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More Christmas fun!

I love this picture with all 5 kids. I just love our family. They are so individual, and unique, and I think that each child is so amazing. I feel so blessed.
This is cute Hannah girl with her doll, and the stocking I made her until 2:30am Christmas morning. So worth it,... right?
Hayden, our awesome guy, was so excited to get a bike. How we are eventually going to fit 7 full sized bikes in our garage is beyond me. Maybe we should push in-line skating more :)
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Thanks to the Armstrongs!

My sister, Rebecca and her family sent so much fun stuff for Christmas! The girls look so cute in their blouses, and they love the dolls. I love my Nativity too! Thanks!
And, of course,...Nacho Libre was a hit with the boys. They love the masks, but the picture speaks for itself! We love you Armstrongs, and we miss you guys so bad. We can't wait to see you this summer!
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Dancing With The Stars 2008 Tour

Amy, Joy, Brandi, and I had such a fun time together! I haven't yelled so loud in a long time. The audience was so dead, probably because it was made up of a bunch of middle-aged women, so we got a little crazy. (not really) There were moments of complete silence, and I would totally yell, "I love you Lance!" (Lance Bass) Or, "I love you Derek!" And I'm pretty sure they could hear because...
At the end of the show, during their last dance, Derek Hough runs out into the audience. There he is above :) So us girls jump up out of our seats and start yelling. Of course nobody else around us is out of their seats, so all Derek hears and sees is us. He totally ran all the way up the stairs to our row, and we are still screaming. All four of us are reaching out to him and pulling him into our row, and then Joy grabs him and totally pulls him in for a hug. We were dying! I was just grabbing his arm and yes,... still screaming. It was the funniest thing ever to witness I'm sure! I felt 12 years old again, as if I had just met my teen heart throb Fred Savage, (yes his posters were hung on my closet doors.) We could not stop laughing and screaming. And old ladies were so jealous that we touched Derek.
This was Toni Braxton singing one of her 2 or 3 songs of the night, and yes they were bad. "Unbrake my heart", she should have sang,..."Unbrake my vocal chords" We could have done without her. But she did give all the hot little dancers time to rest for a tiny bit.
This dance was my favorite of the night. The dancers were amazing, and I had a blast with fun friends. Thanks girls for all the memories. And I will see all of you at next years concert tour!
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