Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dawson is a hoot! And Chandler is a man?

We had just finished family prayer the other night, and Dawson says, "Group hug everyone,... Except for Dad. You can't squeeze his tummy because he just got his "gobblers" out." We were all laughing, and Eric's stomach hurt from laughing too hard. All the talk about gall bladders, and gall stones,... Dawson is so funny.

So Chandler discovered he has 3 armpit hairs. It's true... and I tell you because he is so proud, he tells everyone. The other day he says, "well I'm the "man" of the house right now." And I reminded him that dad was upstairs. Then he says "well I'm the man downstairs." Then I said, "Chandler your not even a man." Then he lifts up his right arm and points at his armpit! Not saying a word, just reminding me that he has armpit hair, and that makes him a man. I laughed so hard.